National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

About National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Date: Celebrated annually on April 12

Call it the ultimate comfort food, but a well-made grilled cheese sandwich is quite simply heaven on a plate.
How will you prepare yours on April 12 during National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day? With or without ketchup for dipping or perhaps crust less with a side of tomato soup?
Warmed bread and cheese first made its culinary debut during Ancient Rome. Countries since have created their own version of the grilled cheese sammy. The French have Croque Monsieur, a grilled cheese sandwich that incorporates ham into the mix. The modern version of a grilled cheese evolved from the 1920s, when sliced bread and inexpensive American cheese was in abundance.
Today, some restaurants have managed to elevate the simple sandwich to a meal fit for gourmets, and franchised Grilled Cheese Sandwich Restaurants have even popped up.

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