National Licorice Day

About National Licorice Day

Date: Celebrated annually on April 12

Licorice, or its real name liquorice, is a candy that is flavored with the extract of the roots of the liquorice plant. We know you probably like the candy, but now we are going to confuse you!
In North America liquorice is often referred to as licorice and is often used to refer to all colors of the candy. In fact, for the most part, only black licorice contains the roots of the liquorice plant. Red licorice, while made with a similar shape to black liquorice, is in fact flavored with strawberry, cherry, or raspberry flavor, rather than flavored by the root of the liquorice plant.
Celebrate (or spell) National Licorice Day with any flavor or shape you like on April 12!

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